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There are lots of spa hotels, thermal hotels and wellnes hotels in Hungary. Most of them are located in Budapest, Gyula, Hajduszoboszlo, Heviz, Sarvar and Zalakaros. They are world-famous for the exeptional quality of their healing waters. The Hungarian spa hotels, thermal hotels and wellness hotels are awaiting their guests, craving for active relaxation, with a wide range of program alternatives.

Some useful professional definitions and terminology:

Mineral water: naturally occurring water with a concentration per liter of more than 1000 mg of dissolved minerals, or which contains specified biologically active materials

Medicinal water: mineral waters with a medicinal effect proven by medical experiments. They are tested for several years prior to the classification.

Thermal water: naturally occurring waters with a temperature of over 30 ºC.

Health spa: bathing facility with recognized medicinal water or, in the absence of it, one which provides full medicinal services (mechanotherapy, hydrotherapy …)

Balneotherapy: treatment with medicinal waters

Hydrotherapy: water treatment that uses all therapeutic processes which exploit the physical characteristics of water (temperature, flow …)

Mechanotherapy: all forms of procedure in which mechanical energy is employed in the treatment

Physiotherapy: therapeutic processes which use physical energy for healing purposes, including mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound, light therapy …

Hungary is exceptionally rich in medicinal and thermal waters. These waters have been sought since the old Roman times. The first baths were built by the Romans in the old time, when the land of today's Hungary was part of the Roman Empire as Pannonia Provincia.
Across the country 135 recognized medicinal waters rise to the surface. It means 350,000 m³ every day.
In Hungary, medicinal waters are generally used in bathing form, but are valuable for drinking cures too. They have a variety of effects on the body.
Drinking cures are beneficial for gastroenterological and renal illnesses, certain metabolic diseases, in inhalation form for respiratory diseases.
Balneotherapy, that is treatment involving medicinal waters, also includes mud therapy. Mud used in pack form is highly beneficial for the treatment of chronic locomotor's and gynecological illnesses.

Budapest is the Spa Capital of the world where over 40 million liters of warm mineral water gush forth daily from more than 100 thermal springs and wells across its territory. The Romans discovered the Buda springs, but it was during the 16th and 17th centuries' Turkish occupation that the bath culture was developed.
The city is famous for the curative powers of its thermal springs; the city's spas are becoming increasingly important and popular. There are 28 baths providing therapeutic services from them 13 health spas operating with medicinal water (Gellért, Széchenyi, Rác, Lukács…). After the daily treatments, patients may enjoy all the advantages of a great European city: theater, sightseeing, excursions and museums.

Gellért Health Spa and Hotel:
Medicinal content of the water: sodium, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate, sulphate-chloride, fluoride
Conditions treated: degenerative articular and spinal disorders, inactive stages of chronic arthritis, disc problems, neuralgia, aortic stenosis, peripheral circulatory disorders
Thermal and weight baths, mud bath, tub-bath, jacuzzi, swimming pool, artificial wave pool

Lukács Baths and Swimming pool:
Medicinal content of the water: sodium, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate, sulphate-chloride, fluoride
Conditions treated: degenerative articular and spinal disorders, Bechterew's disease, inactive stages of chronic arthritis, disc problems, neurological ailments, post-injury conditions. In the form of drinking cure: stomach disorders, calcium deficiency in the bones
Thermal and weight baths, mud bath, tub-bath, jacuzzi, swimming pool, drinking water center

Király Baths:
This old spa is one of the rare surviving monuments from the period of Turkish rule in Hungary. The thermal water supply is piped in from the Lukács Baths.
Thermal baths, tub bath, family bath with sauna

Rudas Baths and Swimming pool:
Medicinal content of the water: sodium, potassium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate and sulphate, fluoride, radioactive
Conditions treated: spinal and articular disorders of degenerative nature, chronic and subacute arthritis, herniated disc, chronic catarrhal diseases of the respiratory organs, neuralgia, neurological ailments and calcium deficiency in the bones
Thermal bath, tub-bath, swimming pool, drinking water center

Hévíz Thermal Lake and Health Spa:
It is the largest and best known medicinal bath in Hungary, located just 6 kms from the northern shore of the Balaton, with important tourism. The thermal lake with a surface of 47,500 m², covered with water lilies is the largest lake with peat bottom in the world. Daily 80 million liters of sulphurous, alkali hydrogen carbonate medicinal water with a mild radon content gushes to the surface so the water of the entire lake is replenished every 48 hours. The temperature of the rushing water is 36 ºC. During the summer the water of the lake is a constant 33-34 ºC, while in winter it never falls below 26 ºC.
The medicinal water has a special curative effect on the different kinds of rheumatic, locomotor, muscle and nervous system's disorders and gynaecological problems. The mud is excellent for the treatment of chronic degenerative locomotor disorders, post-trauma states, gout and Bechterew's disease.
The 36.5 m deep lake and its environs with a park and an alder wood is a nature conservation area.
The number of the visitors of the lake bath is actually as high as 1,200 thousand a year. Dozens of hotels, pensions and private rooms cater to those looking for treatment or relaxation.

Zalakaros Thermal Baths:
The small town is lying about 25 km distant from the Balaton and Hévíz.
The town earned an international renown by its 96 ºC thermal water, found in 1960s. The waters have a high concentration of dissolved minerals, iodine, bromine, fluoride, sulphide and metaboric acid. It is valuable for treatment of chronic gynaecological inflammations and locomotor disorders.

Bük Health Spa:
The town of Bükfürdő is situated in the western part of Hungary, near the Austrian border, 220 kms from Budapest and 122 kms from Vienna. The local thermal water at a temperature of 55 ºC is rich in calcium, magnesium and fluorine. It is good for rheumatic and orthopaedic disorders and for injuries. The drinking cure is effective for different diseases of the digestive system.
Today Bük is perhaps Hungary's most dynamically developing spa. The therapy center has a thermal pool, the most up-to-date equipment for balneotherapy, underwater jet massage, mud pack, electrotherapy and medicinal gymnastics.
The golf course of 18 grades is Central Europe's largest.

Sárvár Baths:
The town lies 120 kms from Vienna and Graz. It is a tourist centre of international renown.
There is a rich water reserve in the deeper strata of Sárvár and several thermal springs have gushed out as a result of deep-boring operations. Two of them are listed as medicinal waters, good for locomotor disorders, chronic catarrhal diseases of the respiratory system, and gynaecological complaints.
Salts - "Sárvár Thermal Chrystal" - evaporated from the waters have become known all over the world. The product is used to soften bath water and as an inhalation cure for sufferers of respiratory illnesses.
A new spa complex and a four-star hotel with 200 rooms were built. They are connected by an enclosed walkway. Fitness and wellness services, recreational pool, sauna, children's pool, lido and medicinal pools provide a full range of high-standard services.

Harkány Thermal Baths:
Harkány lies only 26 kms from the town of Pécs, at the foot of Villányi Mountain, close to the Croatian border. The medicinal water of 62 ºC has the highest concentration of sulphide ion in Hungary. Sulphur in the form of gas is present in the water, which means absorption and healing is faster. It is suitable for the treatment of all locomotor diseases, chronic gynaecological inflammations and dermatological diseases.
Hotels and other accommodation facilities fulfill the requirements of all visitors.

The city is the oldest health and holiday resort at Lake Balaton. Its medicinal waters with a dissolved carbonic acid content of 1100-1400 mg per liter are well-known all around the world.
It's useful in drinking cure form ("Füred water") for easing gastroenterological complaints, and in bathing form for improving peripheral blood circulation and relieving pressure on the heart. Balatonfüred is called the "Mecca" for sufferers of cardiovascular problems.
But the city is not only a spa, is also a bathing resort, where you can enjoy the waters of the Balaton and can take part in several programs.
Füred is the number one place of yachting in this region.
Wine Weeks start at the beginning of August, introducing the wines produced by local farmers and serve as a cultural festival too.

Hajdúszoboszló Health Spa:
The town lies 20 kms south-west of Debrecen on national highway No.4.
The Health spa operates in a 30 hectare area: medicinal bath, indoor swimming pool, campsite, sanatorium and the Aquapark (Hungary's first water entertainment park) wait the visitors.
The world-famous medicinal thermal bath at a temperature of 73 ºC, is suitable for the treatment of locomotor, gynaecological and dermatological diseases, in drinking cure form for gastroenteritis.
Hotels with their own baths and medical departments meet the very highest standards.

Debrecen Health Spa:
Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, an old Calvinist centre.
The Nagyerdő (Great Forest), the most attractive part of the city offers an expansive bath complex with thermal baths and eight pools (medicinal pools, competition pool, Splash pool, children's pools). Medicinal waters containing sodium chloride, bromide, iodine and hydrogen-carbonate are employed for chronic degenerative locomotor disorders and peripheral blood system disorders.
Two hotels are connected with the medicinal bath complex.
After the daily treatments, the patients may enjoy the programs of the cultural institutions (Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen Kodály Choir) and events (Flower Carnival, Debrecen Jazz Days, Spring Festival…). A Fun Fair, Botanical Gardens and Zoo can also be visited.

Gyula Castle Bath:
Gyula lies on the south-eastern corner of the Great Plain, 16 kms east of Békéscsaba close to the Rumanian border.
The Castle Bath is situated in a park, a nature conservation area, with thermal water of 72 ºC, with 9 open-air and 11 indoor pools. The reddish-brown medicinal water is regularly employed to good effect in the treatment of chronic locomotor disorders, topical nervous disorders and in drinking cure form for gastroenteritis.

Parádfürdő Health Spa:
A large number of visitors are attracted by the open-air bath of Parádfürdő, which is a part of the village, Parád, below Kékes to the north.
Parád has highly ferrous water with calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate and high magnesium contents. It benefits gynaecological functioning and cases of physical exhausting. As a drinking cure it is used for treating gastric and intestinal conditions.

Spa hotels, Thermal hotels, Wellness hotels in Hungary:

hotel in Badacsony:

Hotel Bonvino Badacsony The Wellness, Active and Wine Hotel Bonvino is located in Badacsonytomaj, only 300 ms from the shore of Lake Balaton, on the territory of Balaton Uplands National Park of Hungary.

hotels in Balatonfured:

Anna Grand Hotel Balatonfured The hotel is located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in the heart of the historical district of Balatonfüred.

Hotel Silver Resort Balatonfured The hotel is located in Balatonfured, a former roman settlement.

hotel in Balatonszarszo:

Ket Korona Wellness Hotel Balatonszarszo The conference and wellness hotel is located on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in one of the most popular resort areas of the lake, in Balatonszarszo.

hotel in Bank:

To Wellness Hotel Bank The hotel is located in Bank, 60 km far from Budapest.The hotel is situated on the picturesque shore of Lake Bank.

hotel in Bikacs-Kistape:

Zichy Park Hotel Bikacs-Kistape The wellness hotel is located on the border of Tolna and Fejer county around 120 kms far from Budapest, near to Szekszard right in the neighbourhood of Bikacs-Kistape colony.

hotels in Budapest:

Danubius Hotel Gellert The hotel is situated in the heart of Budapest, at the foot of the Gellert hill on the Buda side of the city with wonderful view to the Danube and the hill.

Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget The spa hotel is situated on the romantic Margaret Island, in the centre of the capital.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia The hotel is situated on the left-bank side, opposite to Margaret Island, close to city centre.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget The spa hotel is situated on the picturesque Margaret Island, in the middle of Budapest. The hotel is surrounded by a peaceful and tranquil green park.

Holiday Beach Wellness and Conference Hotel Budapest The hotel is situated in one of the most quiet and beautiful areas of Budapest, right next to the River Danube.

Hotel Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest The hotel has direct access to Aquaworld, one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe.

Wellness Hotel Rubin Budapest The hotel is located on the Buda side of the capital, at the foot of Sashegy, 15 minutes from the centre of the city with good public transport connections.

hotels in Bukfurdo:

Hotel Piroska Buk The 4-star wellness hotel is located in Western Hungary near the spa Buk (Bukfurdo) famous for its medicinal water.

Corvus Hotel Buk The hotel is located only 100 m from the world famous Buk Health Spa and it is the first built hotel of Bukfurdo.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Buk Spa Buk is one of the most important health resort of Western Hungary. It is sorrounded with a spacious green area.

Hotel Caramell Bukfurdo Hotel Caramell is the first holistic spa-and wellness hotel of Hungary where not only the traditional medical and wellness services but also holistic, naturopathic and esoteric services are available for the guests.

Hotel Greenfield Golf Spa Resort Buk The four-star wellness and thermal hotel awaits its guests in Bukfurdo in beautiful surroundings.

hotel in Cegled:

Best Western Hotel Aquarell The hotel is located only 65 km far from Budapest, in Cegled known as the gate of the Great Hungarian Plain, near the city's Thermal Bath and Aquapark.

hotel in Cserkeszolo:

Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel The hotel is located 120 kms from Budapest in Cserkeszolo, next to the medicinal bath and swimming pool with which the hotel communicates.

hotels in Debrecen:

Hunguest Hotel Nagyerdo The hotel is located in the green heart of Debrecen which is the second biggest town in Hungary also referred to as the Eastern Capital of Hungary.

Hotel Divinus Debrecen Eastern Hungary's first 5-star hotel can be found in walking distance from the centre of Debrecen, at the gate of Nagyerdo (Great Forest), close to Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths.

hotels in Eger:

Hotel Park Eger The hotel is situated in the inner city, 500m from Dobo Square, the historical centre of Eger.

Hunguest Hotel Flora Eger The hotel is located in the city centre and Castle can be approached with a convenient 5-minute walk.

Hotel Villa Volgy Eger The hotel is situated far from the noise of the city, in the citadel of famous wines produced in Eger, in Szepasszony Valley.

Wellness Hotel Kodmon in Eger Wellness Hotel Kodmon is located in the most famous tourist attraction of Eger, called "Szépasszonyvölgy" (Valley Of The Beautiful Woman).

hotels in Egerszalok:

Meses Shiraz Wellness Konferencia Hotel The wellness and training hotel awaits its guest in the valley of Laskó-patak, in Egerszalok, only 1,5 km far from the world famous salt hill and Thermal Spa.

Saliris Resort Spa Conference Hotel The spa and conference hotel is situated in a 17.5 hectare superb natural environment ringed by pine forests in Egerszalok.

hotel in Esztergom:

Hotel Bellevue Esztergom Hotel Bellevue, located in Bubanat valley, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Esztergom, awaits its guests with 80 rooms, a restaurant, an own wellness department, a conference room and four section rooms, which are perfect venues for different types of events.

hotel in Erd:

Thermal Hotel Liget Erd The hotel is located in Erd only 15kms from Budapest and awaits guests in search of rest, recreation and healing.

Hotel in Felsotarkany:

Hotel Bambara The brand new 4-star superior category Hotel Bambara awaits its guests in Felsotarkany, in a 4 hectare woody park, at the foot of Bukk Hills.

hotel in Galyateto:

Grand Hotel Galya Galyateto lies at the second highest point of the Matra Mountains, 956 metres above sea level. Grandhotel Galya is situated in a 5 acre park, surrounded by forest.

hotel in Gardony:

Vital Hotel Nautis Gardony The 4-star wellness hotel composes perfect harmony with Gardony port and beach next to the hotel.

hotel in God:

Polus Palace Golf Club Hotel God The hotel is Budapest's most fascinating and most easily accessible golf hotel. The hotel is located only 20 minutes from Budapest's downtown.

hotel in Gyula:

Wellness Hotel Gyula Wellness Hotel Gyula, the first hotel of the historical spa city is located in the neighbourhood of the internationally famed Gyula Castle Spa in a beautiful environment.

hotels in Hajduszoboszlo:

Hungarospa Thermal Hotel Hajduszoboszlo The hotel opened in September 2005, is located on the area of Europe's largest bathing complex in Hajduszoboszlo.

Hunguest Hotel Hoforras 3-star Hunguest Hotel Hoforras awaits its guests in the distinguished area of the spa Hajduszoboszlo, lying only 500 metres from Hajduszoboszlo Health Spa.

Apollo Thermal Hotel Hajduszoboszlo The hotel is located only a few hundred meters from the thermal spa of Hajduszoboszlo and the Aquapark.

Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol The hotel is situated at a short distance walking from the town centre, in the neighbourhood of Hungary's biggest medicinal spa.

Hotel Delibab Hajduszoboszlo Hotel Delibab ****, which is one of the most popular hotels of Hajduszoboszlo is located in the heart of the city, in the vicinity of the Thermal Bath of Hajduszoboszlo and the covered Aqua-Palace adventure bath.

Wellness Hotel M Hajduszoboszlo The hotel opened its door in April 2007 and is situated in a quiet and greenbelt area in Hajduszoboszlo.

hotel in Harkany:

Drava Thermal Hotel Hotel Drava Thermal Resort **** thanks to its favourable location unites the advantages of the wine hills of Villany and the thermal tourism of Harkany.

hotel in Herceghalom:

Abacus Wellness Hotel Herceghalom The newest conference and wellness hotel of Central Hungary is located in Herceghalom, just 15 minutes drive from Budapest.

hotels in Heviz:

Health Spa Resort Hotel Heviz The hotel is situated only 500 m from the well-known thermal lake of Heviz.

Hotel Spa Heviz Hotel Spa Heviz ****, located in the immediate vicinity of the world-famous Thermal Lake of Heviz, awaits its guests with 54 air-conditioned rooms and apartments, a wide range of wellness services and an own restaurant.

Hotel Palace Heviz The hotel is located in the imposing high street of Heviz, only 200 metres from the lake of Heviz famous for its curative powers.

NaturMed Hotel Carbona Heviz The hotel is situated in the centre of Heviz, in the heart of a 10,9 acre large park, about 500 meters from the biggest spa of Europe, Lake Heviz.

Thermal Hotel Aqua Heviz The hotel is located close to the lake of Heviz. It is open all year round and waiting for you with high quality services.

Thermal Hotel Heviz The hotel is located only 500 m from the well-known thermal lake of Heviz.

Lotus Therme Hotel Spa Heviz The one and only 5-star wellness and spa hotel of Heviz can be found within a few minutes walk from the largest thermal lake of Europe, in a unique environment, in a 17 acre green park.

Spa Wellness Hotel Fit Heviz The wellness hotel can be found only 300 meters from the unique Thermal Lake of Heviz.

Hotel Amira Heviz - Amira Wellness Spa Heviz The 4-star Amira Boutique Hotel Heviz - Wellness and Spa, built in Moorish-Arabian style, is situated in the elegant brown-stone district of Heviz, only 800 m from the thermal lake and the city center.

Hunguest Hotel Helios The renovated Hunguest Hotel Helios *** superior awaits its guests in the centre of Heviz, about 500 metres away from the world famous thermal lake of Heviz, in a 45 000 m² wellness park with two buildings.

Hunguest Hotel Panorama Hunguest Hotel Panorama ***, located directly next to the world-famous thermal lake of Heviz - about 150 metres away from it, awaits the guests wishing for regeneration and healing in a pleasant atmosphere.

hotel in Inarcs:

Bodrogi Kuria Wellness Hotel Inarcs The hotel can be found only 34 kms from Budapest, along the M5 highwayl, immersed in a 34 acres pine forest, in beautiful surrounding.

hotels in Kecskemet:

Wellness Hotel Aranyhomok Kecskemet The hotel is situated in the historic main square of Kecskemet

Granada Wellness Hotel Kecskemet The 3-star Wellness Hotel Granada opened its gates in October 2007 in Kecskemet, just 7 km from the city centre.

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel The Four Points by Sheraton Kecskemet Hotel belonging to the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Inc. dispose with 130 rooms, a restaurant for 200 persons, a wellness island and a conference centre, especially tailored to the needs of business travellers.

hotels in Keszthely:

Wellness Hotel Kakadu Keszthely The family atmosphere Wellness Hotel KAKADU ***superior - renewed in 2009 - is located in Keszthely, only 350 m from Lake Balaton.

The newest wellness hotel in Keszthely is the Sirius Wellness Hotel Keszthely, directly on the shores of Lake Balaton. The spa and wellness hotel offers discount packages for multi-day stays with half board.

hotel in Matrahaza

Hotel Residence Ozon Matrahaza Hotel Residence Ozon **** Conference & Wellness Hotel awaits its guests in Matrahaza, at the foot of Mountain Kekes, in a charmed forest, 710 ms above the sea-level.

hotels in Mezokovesd:

Hotel Pension Hajnal Mezokovesd The hotel is situated in Mezokovesd, only 150 m from the famous Zsory Health Spa, at the southtern foot of the Bukk Mountain.

Zsory Hotel Fit Mezokovesd The hotel is situated in the vicinity of Mezokovesd and only 250 metres from Zsory Spa which one of the most famous spas of Northern Hungary.

Balneo Thermal Hotel Zsori Mezokovesd The hotel is located in Mezokovesd near Zsory Spa and Open Air Swimming Pool where curative pools, experience pools, wave pool, round pool with waterfalls and natural massages, children's pool and indoor swimming pool are at guests' disposal.

hotel in Miskolctapolca:

Hotel Calimbra The newly built Calimbra Conference and Wellness Hotel is located only a few minutes' walk away from the Europe-wide unique Cave Bath.

hotel in Morahalom:

Colosseum Hotel Morahalom
Colosseum Hotel **** superior is located in Morahalom directly connected to the Szt. Erzsebet Medicinal Spa.

hotels in Mosonmagyarovar:

Thermal Hotel Mosonmagyarovar The hotel is situated next to the downtown in the area of the thermal bath.

Thermal Hotel Aqua Mosonmagyarovar The 3-star Thermal Hotel Aqua situated in the heart of Mosonmagyarovar awaits its guests with 59 modern rooms, a restaurant, a drink bar, own therapeutic and wellness section.

hotel in Noszvaj:

Oxigen Hotel Noszvaj The four-star Hotel Oxigen is located in a tiny village next to Eger, called Noszvaj.

hotel in Oroshaza:

Hotel Corvus Aqua Oroshaza Hotel Corvus Aqua **** awaits its guests in Oroshaza, at the shore of Lake Gyoparos, in an undisturbed natural environment, directly connected to the Spa-, Fun- and Park Bath of Gyoparosfurdo.

hotel in Rackeve:

Hotel Termalkristaly Aqualand Rackeve The thermal hotel is located on the area of the 5 hectare large Aqualand Complex, on the bank of river Danube.

Kek Duna Wellness Hotel Rackeve
Kék Duna Wellness Hotel **** awaits the guests in Rackeve, about 47 kms away from Budapest, directly on the riverside of Danube in a silent environment, where relaxation and refreshing is guaranteed.

hotels in Sarvar:

Park Inn Sarvar The hotel is located in the picturesque town of Sarvar in the West Pannon region of Hungary, in the heart of the world-famous spa region Sarvar.

Thermal Hotel Sarvar The hotel is located in the middle of a botanical garden and is surrounded by hundred-year old trees with their ample shade.

hotel in Sikonda:

Sikonda Wellness Hotel - Komlo Sikonda Sikonda, the well-known bathing and holiday resort is located north of Pecs, 4 km from Komlo in Mecsek Mountains.

hotel in Simontornya:

Fried Kastelyszallo Simontornya Fried Castle Hotel can be found in the heart of a several hectare large French castle park, which is surrounded by wine slopes, forests and beautiful landscapes.

hotels in Siofok:

CE Plaza Hotel Siofok The four-star wellness hotel CE Plaza Hotel, reopened in Siofok in 2012, awaits its guests with 92 rooms and apartments.

Best Western Janus Atrium Hotel Siofok The hotel is situated in Siofok, on the shore of Central Europe's largest freshwater lake.It can be found in the heart of the city.

Wellness Hotel Vertes Siofok The hotel lies on the nicest and most romantic street of Siofok with sycamore trees, the beach can be found 150 metres far from the hotel.

Wellness Hotel Azur Siofok The hotel is the largest wellness and conference hotel of the Balaton region open all year round.The hotel is situated directly on the shores of Lake Balaton.

Premium Hotel Panorama Siofok The hotel is situated on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, the lake with the greatest surface in Central-Europe.

Hotel Residence Siofok Conference & Wellness Hotel Residence **** Siofok is situated only 100 meters away from the shore of Lake Balaton, in the garden suburb of Siofok.

hotels in Sopron:

Hotel Fagus Sopron The hotel is situated in the forests of Loverek, in an area with subalpine climate. The town centre is within easy reach on foot.

Hotel Lover Sopron Sopron is a picturesque town in north-western Hungary on the border. The beautiful Baroque downtown offers many places of high interest to see.

Hotel Sopron The four-star Hotel Sopron is situated 10 minutes away from the Austrian-Hungarian border, in the heart of Sopron.

Saphir Aqua Aparthotel Sopron The brand new aparthotel is situated in the forests of Lövérek in Sopron in a unique natural environment.

hotels in Szeged:

Hunguest Hotel Forras Szeged The fully renovated Hunguest Hotel Forras **** superior is located about 10 minutes walk from the downtown of Szeged, at the riverside of Tisza and awaits the guests with comfortable rooms, luxurious suites and high-level spa- and wellness services.

hotel in Szentgotthard:

GotthArt Wellness Conference Hotel Szentgotthard The hotel is located in the center of the city, right in the neighbourhood of the city's bath.

hotel in Szilvasvarad:

La Contessa Kastelyhotel Szilvasvarad The neo-baroque castle, situated in a 7 hectare large ancient green park, offers the elegance and tranquility of the by-gone times with its 45 double rooms and the castle's wellness department, which conforms to the comfort of the modern ages.

Szalajka Liget Hotel Hotel Szalajka Liget **** and Apartment Houses are located in Szilvasvárad, near the Bukk National Park.

hotels in Tarcal:

Andrassy Residence Hotel Tarcal The hotel is situated in the town of Tarcal, which is part of the Tokaj foothills (part of the World Heritage).

hotels in Tihany:

Echo Residence Luxury Apartment Hotel The hotel is located at the southern top of Tihany Peninsula, just above Lake Balaton, on the top of Kopasz Hill surrounded by a 10 000 m² ancient green park.

hotel in Tiszafured:

Tisza Balneum Thermal Hotel Tiszafured The thermal hotel is surrounded by a unique and beautiful natural environment, right on the shore of Lake Tisza in Tiszafüred.

hotels in Visegrad:

Hotel Silvanus Visegrad Silvanus Conference and Sport Hotel, situated in the famous Hungarian town called Visegrad, offers 151 elegant rooms and suites looking onto the surrounding forests or the Danube Bend.

Thermal Hotel Visegrad Thermal Hotel Visegrad ****superior is located in the vicinity of Visegrad, in the picturesque environment of the Danube bend. T

hotel in Vonyarcvashegy:

Zenit Hotel Balaton Vonyarcvashegy Zenit Hotel Balaton**** is located in Vonyarcvashegy, on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, only 5 kms from Keszthely and 9 kms from Heviz.

hotel in Zalakaros:

Hunguest Hotel Freya The hotel is situated in a well maintained green park, next to the baths in the centre of Zalakaros.

Hotel Karos Spa Zalakaros The hotel is located only 400 metres from the centre of Zalakaros, surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards, forests, grooves and gently sloping hills creating romantic atmosphere.

Hotel Damona Hunguest Hotel Damona **** Spa and Wellness Hotel, located near the famous Zalakaros Thermal Bath awaits its guests with 308 elegant rooms.

hotel in Zsambek:

Szepia Bio Art Hotel Zsambek The first and only wellness and conference hotel of Zsambek awaits its guests in the picturesque Zsambek basin only 30 km far from Budapest.

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