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Egerszalok discounted wellness hotels, apartments, accommodations
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City: Egerszalok

Wellness weekend in Egerszalok at Saliris wellness and spa hotel Saliris**** Resort Spa Hotel Egerszalók - Akciós gyógy wellness Hotel

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Saliris Resort **** Spa and Conference Hotel is situated in a 17.5 hectare superb natural environment ringed by pine forests in Egerszalok. The four-star spa hotel is connected by a glass corridor to the exclusive thermal spa, built near the only salt hill of Europe. The Thermal Spa of Egerszalok with its 17 outdoor and indoor pools (sitting pools filled with medicinal water, cave pool, jacuzzi, adventure pools, children pools, Kneipp tread basin, echo pools) on a water surface area of 1900 m² ensures the total relaxation and rejuvenation of guests.

Packages: 8 pieces

Fabulous Shiraz Wellness Training Hotel in Egerszalok - 4-star hotel in Egerszalok Mesés Shiraz Hotel**** Egerszalók - Akciós Wellness Hotel Egerszalókon

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The 4-star superior Fabulous Shiraz Wellness and Training Hotel is located in Egerszalok, famous for its salt hill and Thermal Spa. Fabulous Shiraz Wellness and Training Hotel combines luxury with oriental convenience and Mediterranean elements and offers 42 rooms in different categories, two restaurants, a North African Bathhouse, a Moorish Bath and other wellness services and special massages. The hotel’s five conference and meeting rooms are ideal venues for business and family events.

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