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✔️ Aqua Lux*** Wellness Hotel Cserkeszolo - discount wellness hotel

3* Aqua- Lux wellness hotel in Cserkeszolo at affordable prices
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Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő ***

Aqua-Lux *** Wellness Hotel is located 120 km from Budapest (80 km drive on motorway M5) in Cserkeszolo, next to the medicinal bath and swimming pool with which the hotel communicates.

Rooms in Aqua Lux Wellness Hotel:
The three-star wellness hotel has 16 apartments, 26 double rooms (13 with queen-size bed), and 2 suites.

Sleeping up to four (2 + 2) people, the 43 sq.m apartments are fitted with air conditioning, a nice kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and terrace. Kitchen utensils and pots for four persons, a refrigerator, colour (satellite) television, telephone, radio and a built-in safe are also available.

Each double room has a bathroom (an extra bed can be fitted in some rooms), and again all these rooms are equipped with air conditioning, colour (satellite) television, minibar, telephone, radio and a built-in safe.

Suites are equipped with the same facilities as double rooms, but they also have a sitting room and a terrace, providing an ideal place to stay also for businessmen.

Gastronomy in Aqua Lux Cserkeszolo:
Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő offer a restaurant (with a half indoor and halfoutdoor terrace) serving delicious Hungarian food, in addition to a bar and an old world barbecue garden.

Wellness in Wellness Hotel Aqua Lux:
The hotel has a wellness centre equipped with all facilities and rendering all services needed for recovering from fatigue caused by day-to-day stress, so guests can get back to work after a nice recreation.

Our masseurs apply many kinds of medicinal and refreshing massages, and two jacuzzis, two Finnish saunas and an infra sauna are available.

Our make-up department uses the most advanced procedures (Dermalife, body wrap, collagene face-lift, manicure, pedicure, etc.) to impress those who want to be spoiled and refreshed. Our hairdresser is a master of the profession.

Thepre-designed 3 to 8 day wellness packages include the costs of accommodation, meals and pre-arranged programmes, so all you have to do is having a good time.

Medication - Aqua Lux:
The 82°C geothermal water of the medicinal bath and swimming pool in Cserkeszolo contains iodine, alkali chloride and hydrogen carbonate, and it comes from a depth of 2,300 meters. It is also suitable for the post-treatment of locomotor and rheumatic diseases as well as gynaecological inflammations.

This water can be used successfully in drinking cures, to treat acute and chronic stomach and bile disorders and bronchitis.

The bath has a fully equipped therapeutic department (medicinal pool, effervescent pool, mud wrap, weight bath, underwater jet massage, therapeutic exercise, electric tub-bath, four-cell galvanic bath, electric therapy, physiotherapy, holistic medicine treatments, rheumatologic and urologic consultation) for those seeking medication, and of course the hotel makes sure that those who come here for a treatment enjoy all comforts.

The medicinal bath has open air and indoor medicinal pools and a new indoor 270 sq.m medicinal water pool (with a back massager, sitting jacuzzi, and foot massaging geyser 'leisure' facilities).

Winding down in Wellness Hotel Aqua Lux in Cserkeszőlő:
The bath offers excellent opportunities not only to those who seek medication, but also to those who want to wind down or have a nice swim: a wave pool, Europe's first and longest 2-lane tarpaulin chute, swimming pool, children's pool, 'leisure' pool with chutes, back massager, 'water castle', labyrinths and bastions.

Try to loosen up a little, get on a bike, discover thesurroundings or simply read a book in the conservatory or on the barbecue terrace. You will see how good it feels! For those looking for active recreation, we recommend our clay tennis court or the automatic bowling alley (2 lanes).

Conferences - Aqua Lux wellness hotel:
In addition to its excellent technical facilities, ourhotel is highly flexible when contributing to the success of team-building training sessions, corporate events and business discussions. Our conference room (60 sq.m) and function rooms (16 sq.m and 20 sq.m) are fully equipped. If required, we provide a 90 sq.m restaurant for private parties or conferences. Training supplemented with wellness? It is a great idea, isn't it?

Dental services - Hotel Aqua Lux:
Dental service is the newest idea of our hotel. In addition to the reliable and high quality dental treatment provided by doctors and assistants alike, patients will notice the attentive human oriented health care approach of these experts. The dental consultation room and prosthetic laboratory are fitted with the most up-to-date facilities.

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✔️ Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő ***

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✔️ Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő✔️ Aqua Álom Cserkeszőlőn (min. 2 night)
2023.09.01 - 2023.12.20

Aqua Álom az Aqua-Lux Hotelben Cserkeszőlőn (min. 2 éj) 17.500 Ft / fő / éj ártól hétköznap / félpanziós ellátás / belépő a Cserkeszőlői Gyógy- és Strandfürdőbe / szálloda wellness részlegének használata / ingyenes wifi /

✔️ Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő✔️ Karácsony Cserkeszőlőn az Aqua-Lux Hotelben (min. 3 night)
2023.12.23 - 2023.12.26

Karácsony Cserkeszőlőn az Aqua-Lux Hotelben (min. 3 éj) 19.900 Ft / fő / éj ártól / félpanziós ellátás / üdvözlő ital és aprósütemény / ünnepi vacsora / szállodai wellness / ingyenes Wifi /

✔️ Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő✔️ Szilveszter Cserkeszőlőn az Aqua-Lux Hotelben (min. 3 night)
2023.12.29 - 2024.01.01

Szilveszter Cserkeszőlőn az Aqua-Lux Hotelben (min. 3 éj) 32.900 Ft / fő / éj ártól / üdvözlőital / félpanzió / szilveszteri gálavacsora / wellness használat / 50 perc sószoba-relaxáció /

✔️ Aqua-Lux Wellness Hotel Cserkeszőlő✔️ Év eleji feltöltődés az Aqua Lux Hotelben Cserkeszőlőn (min. 2 night)
2024.01.02 - 2024.03.31

Év eleji wellness akció az Aqua-Lux Hotelben Cserkeszőlőn (min. 2 éj) 18.500 Ft / fő / éj ártól hétköznap / félpanziós ellátás / belépő a Cserkeszőlői Gyógy- és Strandfürdőbe / a szálloda wellness részlegének használata / ingyenes wifi /

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