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Hoteltel Kft informs the User that, by using this Website, you agree to the following terms:

On the website operated by Hoteltel Kft, the User may request an offer via the online system or via e-mail from the hotel and book the rooms and package offers offered by the hotels. These services can be used free of charge, Hoteltel Kft does not charge any additional booking fees.

If the User accepts the received offer and reserve the room by e-mail or through the online booking system, Hoteltel Kft operates exclusively in the intermediary role. The User always pays directly to the hotel for the booked room.
In case of an offer, Hoteltel Kft will forward the data provided on the contracting form by the User to the hotel (name, date of the planned trip, number of persons, number and age of children, chosen package), and then send the hotel's offer to the User.
The offer includes the amount to be paid, the price / package contents, the payment and cancellation conditions specified by the hotel.
By accepting the offer, the User declares that the payment / cancellation conditions have been read and acknowledged. Please always carefully read the payment, cancellation and no-show terms before booking your room, as some promotional packages or price types created by hotels can only be booked under special conditions.
If User wish to cancel the reservation, must indicate it in writing (email).

In case of online booking, the User can choose the appropriate room types offered by the reservation system after entering the date of the intended stay and the number of guests arriving. Please note that a single room can accommodate only 1 person, and the price is calculated according to it, so if 2 persons arrive please choose the double room option.
By finalizing the reservation, the User agrees to the terms of payment, cancellation and no-show of such reservation.
In case of online booking, some hotels request a reservation guarantee depending on their occupation, which means the user's credit card data. Credit card data can be safely entered on the website because the data is protected by SSL technology. Accessing the hotel's own access code, the hotel can read the card data from the extranet system. The accommodation can make a valid authorization on the given card, for the purpose of checking the validity of the card.
If User want to cancel the online booking, User can do it by clicking the reseller link in the confirmation email and following the instructions.

In the Privacy Statement User can inquire about the treatment by Hoteltel Kft of the provided personal data.

Hoteltel Kft provides access code for the hotel, which allows the hotel to enter the extranet to fill in the following data: daily room rates and package offers, close the full days, hotel can set it up if requires bankcard guarantee for the online booking. In addition, hotel has access to the extranet system to view the details of the reservations made in the online booking system.
Hoteltel Kft uploads other data, descriptions, pictures, or individual agreements based on daily prices and package offers. In this case, the hotel will notify Hoteltel Kft in case of changing the prices and will send a list of closed days.

As Hoteltel Kft can not check that all information provided by the hotel is accurate and complete, and the hotels reserve the right to change room rates, package prices and their contents, however, Hoteltel Kft does not always receive notification of these changes (in time), Hoteltel Kft assumes no liability for any errors, inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or for the incomplete disclosure of the information.
The daily room prices and package prices shown on the website are informative, they do not qualify as a quotation.

Hoteltel Kft is not responsible:
for any inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the hotel
for the services provided by the hotel
for any damage, loss or cost that the User has suffered or for which he has to pay which can be attributed to the hotel
for any damage, loss or cost that User has suffered or for which he has to pay due to the use or delay of the website

Hoteltel Kft reserves the right to modify or adapt the web site at any time. Hoteltel Kft expressly excludes the liability for the access to, or the direct or indirect use of the website, the available information, documentation or other written materials, the inadequate operation, omission of the Website, possible malfunctions or misunderstandings.

All the intellectual property rights of the content and information provided by Hoteltel Kft on the web site are the property of Hoteltel Kft. Any use of it can be obtained only with the permission of Hoteltel Kft.

Balatonfuredの割引価格ホテル Budapestのアパートメント Budapestの中心にあるホテル Cserkeszoloのホテル - 週末は是非チェルケスールーにてお過ごしください Debrecenの割引価格ホテル Egerホテル割引価格 Egerszalokの宿泊施設とホテルの予約はこちら 割引価格のGyorホテル Gyulaの割引価格でジュラ温泉とスパホテル Gyulaの割引きクーポン Hajduszoboszloのホテル割引価格 スパリゾートホテル Hevizの割引価格のホテル 割引価格でKecskemetホテル Keszthelyの宿泊施設とホテルの予約 Mezokovesdの特別割引されたウェルネスと温泉ホテル Miskolctapolcaのウェルネスホテルの予約 Mosonmagyarovarのホテル - モションマジャローヴァールのスパホテル Pecsにある格安ホテル Sarvarの割引熱ホテル Siofokのホテルとウェルネスホテル Sopronのウェルネスホテルを割引価格でご予約ください。 ウェルネスホテルフルボード SzegedのWellnessホテルを割引価格でご提供いたします. Szekesfehervarヴァールのホテル Szilvasvaradのベスト価格で提供される宿泊施設、ウェルネスホテル Tarcalのベストプライスのウェルネスホテルの部屋 Tihanyのウェルネスホテルバラトン湖の特別価格 Tokajの格安ホテルや宿泊施設の予約 Veszpremのホテル、Veszpremの割引ホテル Visegradのホテル, 週末は是非ヴィシェグラードにお越しください 割引ウェルネスホテル Zalakarosの4つ星スパ&ウェルネスホテル

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