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City: Hajduszoboszlo

Hotel Aqua-Sol Hajduszoboszlo - Spa thermal hotel Aqua-Sol Aqua Sol**** Hotel Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós Spa Thermal Hotel Aqua Sol

* * * * Hajduszoboszlo
The 4-star spa hotel - Hunguest Hotel Aqua-Sol - is located in Hajduszoboszlo, referred to as „Mecca of rheumatics”, where the world-famous medicinal thermal bath has been receiving guests for 70 years. The hotel with its newly-built medical section offers treatments through the whole year.

Packages: 5 pieces

Hungarospa Thermal Hotel Hajduszoboszlo - thermal hotel Hungarospa Thermal Hotel*** Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós Thermal Hotel

* * * Hajduszoboszlo
Hungarospa Thermal Hotel*** is situated in Hajduszoboszlo, in the direct neighbourhood of Europe’s largest bathing complex. The 3-star thermal hotel awaits the guests with 117 air conditioned rooms, outdoor and indoor thermal pools, a conference hall seating 120 people and an own therapeutic section. The guests can use free of charge the 13 pools of the open-air baths spread over 30-hectares.

Packages: 3 pieces

Special offer Spa for your health Apollo Thermal Hotel Hajduszoboszlo - Apartment hotel in Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary Apolló Thermal Hotel**** Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós hotel Hajdúszoboszlón

* * * * Hajduszoboszlo
The newest 4-star hotel of Hajduszoboszlo named Apollo Thermalhotel & Apartments is located only a few hundred meters from the thermal spa of Hajduszoboszlo and the Aquapark. The wellness area of the hotel helps you dicrease the stress and escape from the bustle of everyday life. The hotel restaurant with show kitchen awaits guests with characteristic flavours of the Hajdusag and Hortobagy. The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo offers a special kind of entertainment for visitors.  

Packages: 3 pieces

Hotel Atlantis in Hajduszoboszlo medical and wellness services Atlantis**** Hotel Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós gyógy és wellness hotel

* * * * Hajduszoboszlo
 The 4-star superior Hotel Atlantis Medical, Wellness and Conference Hotel is situated in the heart of Hajduszoboszlo, close to the famous thermal spa. Hotel Atlantis offers to its guests 97 rooms in modern style with more suites, special rooms for handicapped people and 2 luxury suites with own jacuzzi among them. Every room has balcony, individually controlled air conditioning, WIFI and cable Internet access. In the wellness area of Hotel Atlantis swimming pool, experience pool, thermal water pool, saunas and salt cabin are at guests’ disposal.

Packages: 14 pieces

Hunguest Hotel Beke Hajduszoboszlo - discount 4-star wellness hotel in Hajduszoboszlo Hotel Béke**** Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós Wellness Hotel Hajdúszoboszlón

* * * * Hajduszoboszlo
Hunguest Hotel Beke is a four-star wellness and thermal hotel located in the famous spa city, in Hajduszoboszlo. Thanks to the hotel’s modern rooms, the apartments equipped with kitchen, the conference rooms as well as its own wellness and spa department, Hunguest Hotel Beke is a popular accommodation for both Hungarian and foreign tourists.

Packages: 3 pieces

Hotel Delibab Hajduszoboszlo - discount packages with half board in Delibab Hotel Hotel Délibáb**** Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós félpanziós wellness hotel

* * * * Hajduszoboszlo
Hotel Delibab ****, which is one of the most popular hotels of Hajduszoboszlo is located in the heart of the city, in the vicinity of the Thermal Bath of Hajduszoboszlo and the covered Aqua-Palace adventure bath. Hotel Delibab **** provides direct passage to the bath complex of Hajduszoboszlo. Thanks to its brand-new rooms, its restaurant, the modern conference room, the unique hotel facilities and the high-level services corresponding to the modern world, Hotel Delibab is a real paradise to guests longing for relaxation and recreation.

Packages: 12 pieces

Hortus-Naturae hotels - Hotel Hoforras in Hajduszoboszlo - 3-star thermal hotel Hotel Hőforrás Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós Hotel Hajdúszoboszlón

Apartment  Hajduszoboszlo
Hotel Hoforras awaits its guests in the distinguished area of the spa Hajduszoboszlo, lying only 500 metres from Hajduszoboszlo Health Spa. The hotel has its own medical section with rheumatism clinic. Within the spa hotel indoor thermal pool, swimming pool, thermal pool and children’s pool are available. Restaurant Hőforrás serves an excellent selection of Hungarian and international specialities. 

Packages: 4 pieces

Pension Marvany Hajduszoboszlo - Pensions In Hungary, Pension Marvany Márvány Hotel*** Hajdúszoboszló - Akciós hotel Hajdúszoboszlón

Pension  Hajduszoboszlo
The familiar Pension Marvany is situated in the heart of Hajduszoboszlo, only 5 minutes walk from the thermal bath. The medicinal water of Hajduszoboszlo is suitable for the treatment of several groups of disorders. Pension Marvany offers 14 twin rooms. In order to preserve the health of the guests, all beds are equipped with Cardio therapeutic mattress. The familiar restaurant of the pension offers Hungarian specialities.

Hotel M  In Hajduszoboszlo - Wellness hotel M In Hungary Wellness Hotel M Hajdúszoboszló - Hajdúszoboszló Akciós Hotel

Apartment  Hajduszoboszlo
The Hotel M, opened in 2007 is situated in Hajduszoboszlo, next to the famous spa and Aquapark, in greenbelt environment. In the full air-conditioned building, a wide range of services provides your comfort. Intimate wellness department, a specific massage center and exclusive facultative programs guarantee your spiritual and physical freshness.

Budapest - Aquaworld Resort**** Budapest - Akcios Aquaworld Hotel Budapest **** from EURO 86

Hajdúszoboszló - Atlantis**** Hotel Hajduszoboszlo - Akcios gyogy es wellness hotel **** from EURO 98

Mezőkövesd - Balneo Hotel Zsori*** Mezokovesd - Akcios Thermal Hotel Mezokovesden *** from EURO 89

Budapest - Grand Hotel Margitsziget**** Budapest - Grand Hotel Budapest **** from EURO 65

Siófok - Hotel Azur**** Siofok - Akcios Wellness Hotel Siofokon felpanzioval **** from EURO 8

Budapest - Hotel Budapest*** Korszallo - Akcios Korszallo Budapest **** from EURO 34

Győr - Hotel Famulus**** Gyor - Akcios Famulus Hotel Gyor centrumaban **** from EURO 60

Budapest - Hotel Gellert**** Budapest - Akcios Gellert gyogyhotel Budapesten **** from EURO 50

Budapest - Hotel Ibis City*** Budapest - Akcios Ibis City Budapest Emke *** from EURO 39

Sümeg - Hotel Kapitany**** Wellness Sumeg - Akcios Wellness Hotel Sumegen **** from EURO 92

Budapest - Hotel Mercure Buda**** Budapest - Akcios Mercure Buda Hotel **** from EURO 45

Budapest - Hotel Novotel City**** Budapest - AKCIOS Novotel City Budapest **** from EURO 59

Visegrád - Hotel Silvanus**** Visegrad - Akcios wellness hotel Visegradon **** from EURO 88

Budapest - Ibis Heroes Square*** Budapest - Akcios Ibis hotel a Hosok teren *** from EURO 36

Szilvásvárad - La Contessa**** Kastelyhotel Szilvasvarad - Akcios wellness hotel Castle hotel from EURO 88

Hévíz - Lotus***** Therme Hotel Heviz - Akcios Spa Thermal Hotel Hevizen ***** from EURO 5

Budapest - Sofitel Budapest***** Chain Bridge - Hotel Sofitel Budapest centrumaban ***** from EURO 24

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